October 30, 2010

30 is the sum of the first four squares, which makes it a square pyramidal number. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Today is my birthday.  Not just any birthday, it’s my 30th birthday.  Birthday’s always make us question a lot of things about our lives but it seems like it’s the one’s that end in zeros that give us the most pause.  I’m not sure what I think about it yet.  I’ve only been 30 for 18 hours.  For the last 10 years I’ve been frustrated by my lack of progress toward the goal of being a magician.  Even though deep down I considered it one of my main goals, I put it off again and again for other goals of mine.  But now, here I am.  I’m 30.  Becoming a magician is one of the last and maybe biggest goals I have left.  I have no more excuses.  Fear of failure is no longer an option.  At this point, if I don’t try, I will fail.  I have been given an opportunity with this renaissance faire show to really give it a shot.  I’ve poured myself into preparing for it and I’ve had a blast.  It would be awesome if this turned into something more.  That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.  Well, this will be a short post, I’ve got to go get ready for a party.


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