Trying to Stay Focused

October 7, 2010

Another glorious day in the magical world of Eric Benton.  Practice continues to go well although there have been a few distractions.  I’m trying to keep my focus on what I have because I know, deep down, it’s too late to change much about the show. Still, though,  every now and then I’ll see a book on my shelf, or a prop, or something and I’ll think, “that could be cool in the show!”  I’m considering avoiding opening any new books and not going to any magic websites until the show’s over.  All those ideas are just too distracting.  There is only so much time left to prepare and it’s going to take all of it to get this stuff ready.  Especially the ring routine, but I’ll get to that in another post.  To help me keep my mind on the task at hand, I’ve placed all my props and table right in the middle of my office so it’s unavoidable.



Rope or knot?

The rope routine, which was my main focus this week, is coming along very nicely.  In the beginning, I was using a pretty short rope, only about 3 ft. but I’ve decided to go with a much longer one to aid in visibility and make the show “larger.”  I took some time to prepare the rope yesterday, coring it and melting the ends to prevent fraying.  The new rope is about 6 ft. long give or take, I had to make some adjustments to keep the ends from hitting the ground when I hold it up by one hand.  It was in practicing with the longer rope that I encountered the focus problems.  I realized that with the longer rope, there are some moves that were possible that weren’t before with the short rope.  So, I pulled out my book and started trying out some of these new moves instead of practicing.  I ended up wasting valuable practice time on moves that I’m not going to use anyway.  Oh well, lesson learned (hopefully).  The only actual change I’ve made is rearrange the order of the moves a little to make the finale feel a little more logical.  In the original routine, the finale seemed to exist only to (magician’s jargon coming) “clean up.”  This was a bummer, because the sequence right before that was really cool and felt like an ending.  It was just strange to tack this less impressive bit on the end just to end clean.  Not worth it to me.  I’d rather have to work a little harder to conceal the dirty work and have a logical progression from start to finish.

Whew, I’ve gone on longer than I expected, got to get back to work.


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