Linking Ring Ideas

September 29, 2010

Today I want to focus on retooling the “out-of-the-box” routines I’ve got to inject some of my own personality.  I’ve decided to start with the linking rings partly because it may be the most difficult.  Why?  Because in most ring routines, the performer is silent or mostly silent throughout.  I don’t really have the option to play music as a boom box might be considered anachronistic at the ren. faire (although they said that dealers could sell CDs and DVDs… curious).  Also, the rest of my show is talking without music so I think that might seem too out of place.

The bulk of my routine was inspired by Jeff Mcbride, but I think I can make it me by making it funny.  I know they must be out there, but I haven’t seen many comedy linking ring routines.  I’m thinking of approaching from the angle of the magician who is pompous in his mastery of the rings being thwarted by the rings themselves as they seem to do the opposite of whatever he wants.  In the end the magician and the rings learn to work together and accomplish the finale.  This scenario is perfect for me because, from what I’ve been told in the past, the humor that I best project from the stage is that of the “straight man.”  Abbot, not Costello.  In the vision of the routine in my head the rings themselves are the funny member of the comedy duo and I’m the guy reacting to them and trying to get them to stop being so silly.

I, of course, can’t just come out and say that.  A routine like this requires a complex “silent script,” a script made up of thoughts in the performer’s head that get expressed through body movements and facial expressions.  With only one month to prepare, it may be a little too ambitious a project, but just because a piece is performed doesn’t mean it’s complete.  Usually far from it.  With a lot of hard work, the routine should be in a presentable form by the time the faire rolls around.  If it’s not, I always have the base routine to fall back on.

Time to go work.


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